BIA Info

A Business Improvement Area is a self-funded business district managed and promoted by a non-profit society.  The funding is raised through a special levy agreed to by the commercial property owners and business tenants within a geographically defined business district and collected by the City of Vancouver.

All commercial property and business owners within the geographically defined boundaries are members of the BIA and pay the BIA levy.   The BIA levy is proportionate to the commercial property owner’s share of the total taxable value within the BIA boundaries.

The area is managed by a non-profit society whose Board of Directors is comprised of duly elected commercial property and business owners from within the BIA. Its purpose is to improve the economic vitality of the business area. The BIA plays an important role in business promotion, safety and security, public realm enhancement and advocacy on behalf of the membership. It promotes the area as a complete experience rather than as individual businesses. BIAs have expanded their programs to include social issues and community work programs, as well as being involved in community planning and business recruitment. BIAs respond to and reflect the individual needs of their area; they can be initiators of revitalization projects, coordinators of civic planning processes, addressors of street issues and an important element of district economic development.

The HNBIA serves approximately 710 members with the area bounded by Renfrew Street, Hastings Street, Clark Drive, Pender Street, Powell Street and Semlin Drive. It was formed in 2001 as a reincarnation of the Hastings Chamber of Commerce. The HNBIA’s mandate is to maintain and enhance the commercial and light industrial zones as safe, economically viable places to work, shop, live and have fun through cooperative, innovative programs and promotions.

The HNBIA separates its activities into three distinct programs, each of which has its own mandate and tasks. The overall goal of all the programs is to improve the business and community environment.

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