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Di Oliva Tasting Bar

Di Oliva Tasting Bar opened a few short months ago at 2632 East Hastings Street, satisfying neighborhood foodies with over fifty different gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars to choose from. Di Oliva, which means olive in Italian, is owned and operated by Lisa, who has grown up in the area and says the neighborhood feels like home. Lisa tells us she truly enjoys the community element of the East Village, and wants her customers to feel that same warmth when they visit in her shop. “If people feel welcome enough to come into my store and say hi, then I know I’ve done my job,” she beams. isabelle and lisa Lisa has always had a love for olive oils and vinegars, and explained to us she really liked the concept of allowing the customer to taste before they buy. The olive oils at Di Oliva are imported from across the world, and the balsamic vinegars are from Italy. Newest shipments include offerings from Spain and Portugal. Lisa offers over fifty different infused olive oils and vinegars to taste at Di Oliva, with flavors like blueberry, lemon, rosemary, even peach. All Di Oliva’s products are natural, preservative free, and non-gmo certified. All of the oils and vinegars are stored in stainless steel drums called a fusti. The fusti keep out air, light and heat and your bottle is filled straight from the tap. “It’s like peoples appreciation for a fine wine,” Lisa says with a smile. We’d tend to agree! Also available at Di Oliva are an array of gourmet foods, sampler sets, gift  baskets, salts, spices, rubs, Olive Oil Skin Care and more. Visit for more info, and stay social on their Twitter and Facebook page.