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The East Village is home to many thoughtful and caring community members. If you’re lucky to shop in the right place, you might know this inspiring person, Carmen. Carmen expresses her love for the safe and friendly community that she now calls home, the East Village. Carmen makes everybody feel special by remembering their names as they shop in our “hood”.



Matt has lived in Vancouver his whole life. He enjoys the city and now lives and works in the East Village. He loves his community where he lives, works, shops and plays.



When you walk along the west corridor of the East Village, few businesses have been standing longer than Lee’s Transmissions. Opened in 1967 by Lee Cartwright, the humble shop at 1350 East Hastings Street has become a fixture in the area, servicing happy customers for nearly five decades. Walt started working in 1980 as a junior employee at Lee’s, and has now owned the place for over twenty years. Like so many businesses in the East Village his is and always has been a family business where Walt likes to keep it local, supporting his community.


East Village History

As one of the city’s earliest “streetcar suburbs”, Grandview‐Woodland is located east of downtown Vancouver. It was one of several communities that clustered around the central city and was well connected to nearby neighbourhoods via the old inter‐urban streetcar. While the streetcar is no longer present, Grandview‐Woodland remains a highly accessible community that is linked into broader networks for walking, cycling, vehicular travel and transit.  The community is anchored at its southern end by the region’s most significant rapid transit interchange at Broadway‐Commercial Station.

columbia-brewery (1)
Columbia Brewery: The exterior of Columbia Brewery at Cedar Cove, north side of Powell Street at Wall Street and Victoria Drive. From the City of Vancouver Archives

Hastings-Sunrise is a community rich in diversity and history. Its residents value the area’s distinct single family neighbourhoods, views of the mountains and Burrard Inlet, and convenient shopping areas. The area’s community centres and neighbourhood houses are heavily used and its parks and open spaces are considered key assets. The community’s long tradition of grassroots involvement in local issues continues today with active neighbourhood groups, community schools, business improvement association, and community policing office.

New Brighton Hotel, 1886. From the City of Vancouver Archives

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