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Featured Business: Campagnolo Roma

Campagnolo Zero Waste: Restauranteurs Tom Doughty and Robert Belcham and Executive Chef Ted Anderson have been working to transform their entire restaurant family (Campagnolo Restaurant, Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q and Campagnolo ROMA) into environmentally friendly, socially conscious, zero waste businesses.  The goal of a zero waste business is to eliminate landfill garbage which creates harmful greenhouse gases. Campagnolo ROMA is the first of the three restaurants to complete the transition and is currently enrolled in the Recycle – Now! Total Solution program. Recycle-Now! is assisting Campagnolo ROMA to create zero waste. All waste products created by the restaurant are recycled for reuse; paper, carbboard, soft and hard plastics, glass and plastic containers are recycled, even food is recycled through composting and local soil production. Campagnolo ROMA Environmental Initiatives:  Paper Products – ROMA uses only recycable and biodegradable take-out containers, cutlery and paper towels. All paper used in house is made of 100% recycled material. Eliminated waste by 100% – There is no dumpster onsite; only containers for separating plastics, paper, glass and organics. Nose to Tail Philosophy – All butchery is done in house allowing the kitchen to use everything from the animal. All trim, bones and offal are used in stocks, broths, gravy, salumi and staff meals. About Recycle Now:    Recycle Now! is a full service recycling company catering to commercial organizations such as hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and catering companies in Vancouver BC. Committed to delivering customized and strategic recycling solutions for the needs of the client. To find out more information call1.888.887.1840, email or visit About Campagnolo ROMA: Campagnolo ROMA serves dishes inspired by Roman cuisine in the heart of the old Italian district of the East Village. ROMA is located at 2297 East Hastings St., Vancouver BC and open from 11:30am – 2:30pm Wednesday  through Sunday and 5pm – 11pm seven days a week.  For more information visit, call 604 569 0456 or email