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Pallet Coffee Roasters

Meet Sharif and Shane, partners who are opening a coffee roastery at 323 Semlin. Pallet Coffee Roasters will feature a full-service coffee shop, a roastery, and a coffee lab, where Sharif looks forward to maintaining their quality and comparing newly sourced coffees. “I really like coffee,” said Sharif. “It can show so many flavours. Even coffee from the same lot or farm can taste different from year to year. Just when I think I’ve tasted everything, something surprises me,” said Sharif. Shane, whose background is construction, used to own a café in Yaletown, and is excited to open a roastery in our commercial area. “This neighourhood is fantastic in terms of cultures and variety. There are so many different and unique shops. I walk around and just keep discovering more. And we received such a warm welcome from the neighbours.” Follow their progress at, or on Twitter,