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Q&A With Jen From Oxygen Yoga

Oxygen Yoga East Vancouver Oxygen Yoga is located at 2760 East Hastings Street. We recently spoke with its owner, Jen, to ask her about her work and passion for all things yoga and fitness.     Jen and was born and raised in Vancouver and has been practicing Yoga and Fitness with Oxygen since its conception in Maple Ridge. “I have loved the sense of community it offers,” she says. “I love the energy that Oxygen Yoga offers and felt the need to bring this energy in to East Vancouver,” Jen tells us. “I chose this location as I believed this community needed a fitness facility at a central location. I love the community this area offers and couldn’t imagine opening in any other area of Vancouver.” When we ask what motivates Jen, she says it comes from her desire to help others reach their fitness goals. “Whether it’s just to get in to the studio as a first timer or having an experienced yogi wanting to expand their practice in to fitness type classes.”         “Community, in regards to Yoga, is the coming together of like minded people sharing fitness goals, no matter how that goal looks like,” Jen explains. “(I hope to bring a) fun environment with a unique spin on Yoga and Fitness with an “I Love my Life” attitude.” For more information about Oxygen Yoga, visit their website.