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New Hastings North BIA Banners are here

The Hastings North Business Improvement Association is excited to have completed the launch of its new visual identity with the arrival of the banners over the April 1, 2012 weekend. This new identity is helping us to differentiate the commercial district as a unique part of the City of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The HNBIA has completed a 10 month long rebranding process as the start of a new promotional strategy for the retail and industrial area that runs west along Hastings Street from Renfrew Street to Commercial Drive, north on Commercial Drive to Powell Street and East on Powell Street to Semlin Street.   We welcome you to The East Village proudly located within the two historic neighbourhoods of Hastings Sunrise and Grandview Woodlands.  These areas of East Vancouver played a significant role historically in the development of Vancouver and today represent two of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver.  These neighbourhoods have retained their neighbourhood feel as outgoing and friendly areas, proud of their past and proactively planning for the future. The commercial district is easy to access connecting to the main routes leading in and out of the City, and offers many unique, independent retail stores and services that appeal to local residents as well as to those exploring Vancouver. The commercial area is an eclectic vibrant area that is ready to be discovered and enjoyed. The HNBIA has received much positive response to the new visual identity as represented by the banners and our new website and is generating interest both locally and across the City.  This excitement and recognition of the potential of the area and a desire to remain a unique commercial district of independent retailers and family owned industry led to the development of the new identity. There are many East Villages in the world but Vancouver’s is one of a kind.  It has a village atmosphere, friendly retailers who remember your name and industrial properties that have been family owned for decades.  The HNBIA and its members are proud to be located in East Vancouver and to be part of the Hastings Sunrise and Grandview Woodlands communities.  The business area remains committed to being part of these communities and involved in local events, promotion of the commercial area and other activities as they have been over the years as the Hastings North BIA and for many years before that as the Hastings Chamber of Commerce.