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Blue Light Studio

Image: Bluelight Studio Facebook

After struggling to find parking on Franklin Street between the double parked cars and the unloading industrial trucks at 9:25 AM I finally snagged a questionably legal spot. I parked quickly on Victoria in front of one of my favorite buildings in the neighbourhood, the lush jungle-esque Japan Tech Motors building although that’s not the site I was looking for.

It’s the first day of fall and the air is crisp and the sunshine is warm as I walk over to 1839 Franklin Street the location of Blue Light Studio. Blue Light Studio is run by Producer and Co-founder Kaj Falch-Nielsen who was not able to be there but I was able to catch Kai Johnson and Eli Brennan the other two fellows behind Blue Light Studio.

To be honest when I entered the studio I was smitten. I spend a lot of time in this section of the neighbourhood and I’m constantly surprised at who and what small creative businesses hide among the double parked cars, the vast amount of auto repair shops and other Light Industrial businesses. The studio was fixed with blue lighting and that was the only blue thing about it.

Something very inviting and magical happens here among the warm woods that matched the friendliness and laidback demeanours of Eli and Kai. Eli and Kai have been friends since they were 8 years old, both sharing a love for music and fostering creativity. They have created a unique showcase series called Blue Light Sessions held weekly at the East Vancouver studio.

Their most recent concert session was held to support young BC artists and raised money for Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Blue Light Sessions provides an intimate and unique experience for both artists and their fans. The entire show is professionally recorded and filmed live, providing marketing and promotional material for the artist. Blue Light Studio mix and master the artist’s song of choice and creates a music video that is then given to the artist and released on the Blue Light Sessions YouTube channel. The artist receives all the raw recorded material as well as footage from the event.

It is evident that Blue Light Studio cares about fostering creativity and Eli and Kai are creating a place in the community where that can happen. Check out their website for more info and upcoming shows!

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