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East Village Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens: what are they? And why are they so awesome?

Treat yourself, and order takeout! While traditional restaurants have amazing food and fun atmospheres, if you’re looking to mix it up after a long day at work, try one of our favourite recent discoveries: virtual restaurants or, as some people call them, ghost kitchens.

Ghost kitchens are small restaurants that operate either out of commercial kitchen space or other restaurants; they usually do a large portion of their business on takeout apps like Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, and other similar apps. Ghost kitchens do not have a storefront or a seating area; they are simply a takeout kitchen, hence the name Ghost Kitchen.

Who would have guessed that the best takeout is hidden in such an unassuming location!

The East Village boasts a lot of commercial space conveniently located very close to many residential areas, making it an ideal location for Ghost Kitchens to pop up. There are so many that you may not even realize you’re ordering from. Some of our favourite ghost kitchens or virtual restaurants are located in the Coho commissaries, which are located on Pandora Street, East Georgia, and Powell.

Coho has 3 different commissaries in the east village, and each has a unique purpose: one for smaller-scale baking and food production, one for larger-scale food production, which is where many ghost kitchens and small catering companies operate out of, and a fully gluten-free commissary kitchen as well! So whether you’re a small business owner or looking for some tasty takeout, the East Village has a lot to offer!

Some of our favourite virtual restaurants include:

Game Of Wings is a one-stop shop for all of your favourite comfort and pub foods 


Khoe, a vegan Vietnamese delight


Kozu sushi Pizza, a unique take on 2 of Vancouver’s favourite cuisines


BrickNCheese, the ultimate comfort food



There’s much to explore in the East Village. Next time you order, try selecting the pickup option to come on down and see what other “hidden gems” are around here.


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