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Half Baked Cookie Company

Meet Cheryl Low, Owner and Head Baker at Half Baked Cookie Company. She got her first taste of American baking through her parent’s steak house in Malaysia. Her parents were one of the first families to bring American steak house into Malaysia and through that they brought desserts such as pecan pie, apple pie and brownies. Cheryl was inspired to bring what she had learned from her parents back to Canada. Her mom’s motto is ‘more butter, less sugar and salt on everything’ and Cheryl incorporates that into everything she bakes today.

When asked about working with her husband she responded that they work very well together due to the fact that he loves engaging with customers and she prefers staying in the back and baking the products. This allows her time to be creative and focus on producing the most delicious version of a pie or cookie. Cheryl aims to only bake things that she enjoys baking so that she is happy every single day. With their location at 1211 Nanaimo Street, Half Baked is a must visit up-and-coming local business that will satisfy your sweet craving!

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