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Let’s all Welcome to the Neighbourhood Laced Apparel!

A honey bee, a shoe, or an old man smiling?

The new retail shop Laced Apparel is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Nic and Gallia. A true family affair Nic explains their very cute logo was designed by Gallia’s brother. “Some people see a honey bee, a shoe or an old man smiling.” Nic says that whatever you see in their Laced logo his hope is to “make customers happy.” The shoe is most definitely fitting as the new retail shop carries brands like Adidas, New balance, People, Puma, Converse and Hershel to name a few. Laced Apparel is located at 2723 East Hastings Street and conveniently across from the very popular Chatime. If you live in the neighbourhood and need some fly wardrobe updates make sure to drop by. All residents up to 2km away from Laced Apparel can receive 20% off selected items with proof of address from a drivers licence.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Nic and Gallia!

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