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Meet VeloMetro: The Company Reinventing the Bicycle

Say hello to the brand-new edition to the bicycle family; meet Veemo, an electric assist 3-wheel vehicle designed by VeloMetro. 

Both economically and environmentally friendly, Veemo is a vehicle sharing service. Last year, a successful pilot project was conducted at the UBC campus with 5 vehicles. The transportation vehicle proved popular and highly accessible. 

We asked VeloMetro how it works and even took it for a spin around the neighbourhood! 


Anthony, the marketing and communications manager, explained that it is ridden like a bicycle, with handlebars and pedals to move forward or reverse. It comes with a seatbelt for your safety, an adjustable seat, a horn, headlights, and turning signals. You do not need a licence or a helmet and the aerodynamic shell protects the rider from all kinds of weather conditions. 

The vehicle requires no key to unlock but you do need the app. It operates similar to car sharing; once you have completed your trip drop off Veemo at the nearest designated parking space. 

When asked what was the inspiration for creating Veemo, the team expressed that they wanted to recreate the electrical vehicle experience in another form, while making the bikes more accessible and safer. 

We asked about why Vancouver was chosen as the place to start and it turns out these entrepreneurs are Vancouverites! Moreover, Vancouver is a well-established car sharing capital making it the perfect place to start. 

VeloMetro faced the challenge of introducing a brand-new mode of transportation and entering a new market. Being a one of a kind vehicle, Veemo piqued the interest of on-lookers sparking various degrees of curiosity as some carefully watched and others delightfully approached. 

As to whether or not they are planning to expand their operation to the lower mainland they stated they are currently looking at fleet opportunities. 

When asked about what they love about the neighbourhood, Anthony expressed that he enjoyed the calm and peaceful ambiance of Victoria drive. Some of their favourite spots to grab a bite are Bosa Foods, Volcano Sushi, and Pallet Coffee Roasters. 

VeloMetro is planning to launch next summer, keep an eye out for Veemo in the downtown area. 

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