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Weirdos Holiday Market

The Weirdos Holiday Market unites Vancouver’s most outlandish local artists and vendors to showcase an eclectic array of all things unusual, unique, and out of this world. This event will not be for those who gift chocolate hedgehogs and Starbucks gift cards. We aim to find the most awesome and unconventional artists who create gifts from the quirky to the macabre for the strange and eccentric folks looking to fulfill the quirkiest of needs on their holiday shopping lists. We aim to celebrate Vancouver’s weirdos, the love of collecting, the skill of up-cycling and the thrill of finding the perfect gift!

Last year’s inaugural Weirdo’s Market was attended by over 2,000 curious consumers, with many of the vendors selling out of product before the end of the weekend. With this year’s event space being bigger and better than ever, we are so excited to gather a new hand-curated selection of vibrant vendors slinging everything from witchy wares to anatomical curiosities, rogue taxidermy to collectibles, jewelry to textiles, one of a kind art, and so much more! This event will also offer a plethora of other amazing offerings, including tarot card readings, DJs, games, food, performances, a BAR (obviously), and more!

Are you a performer (of sorts)? Have an unusual undiscovered talent or product that would be perfect to show off to a group of fellow oddballs? The weirder, the stranger, the scarier, the sexier, the spookier, the goofier, the kookier, the BETTER!

Hold on tight — because sh*t’s about to get weird!

Market Dates:  Saturday, December 8th & Sunday, December 9th 2018

Market Location:  THE HALL at 1739 Venables Street, Vancouver BC (4,000+ square ft. space)

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