What's blooming?

Before Jam Florist opened in March 2019, it was Hastings Market, a small corner store run by a Korean couple for over 30 years. When Jamma and her family were offered to take over the space, she found little plants and flowers in the shop and had the idea to transform Hastings Market into something with a little more bloom.

After Covid-19 hit the world, Jam Florist kept running.

“It was pretty hard to maintain business for the first two months because there were no customers at all. Fortunately, as time passed, the neighbourhood noticed that we were still open, and people started showing up to buy flowers and plants to warm their homes.”

Jamma believes local small business is one of the ways we can improve our society. She feels lucky to work surrounded by flowers and plants, which make her feel happy and relaxed, but she says it’s her customers that she enjoys most. She adores the people, the vibes, and the local stores in the East Village and Hastings community. She loves cacti and succulents because they are “strong and have so much life power.” Like her customers, she loves to shop and support other local businesses in the East Village, always striving to give as much back to the neighbourhoods as she receives. 

I feel so grateful that I can make a living from what I love. Starting this business changed my life a lot, which makes me excited for the future. Go East Van!


Photos generously done by Michal Urbanek Photography

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