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Craving something ultra decadent today? Then pull up a chair and get cozy, because the folks at Scandilicious Waffles at 25 Victoria Drive know a thing or two about good old fashioned comfort food.

Owned and operated by Anita and her daughters Kristina and Karlie, the restaurant-cafe has only been in the ‘hood for a little over a year now, and is already a favorite for a sweet or savory bite. Anita, who comes from an Administration background, got the idea to open the shop after a trip to Europe with her daughter. “Kristina went to Norway to visit family, and decided to pop over to London. That’s when we noticed businesses selling waffles through their windows,” Anita explains. “And we thought, what a great concept to bring to Vancouver.”


“My passion has always been food and health,” Anita tells us. “Food is such a social thing. You don’t need to speak the language to understand what’s on your plate; it looks beautiful. I have been baking and cooking all my life, very traditional Norwegian recipes and we’ve brought forth a lot of my mum’s traditional recipes and baked goods. I have always wanted to do this, but it wasn’t until my trip to Europe with Kristina that solidified it – and seeing family again after many years.  At the time too, my father had passed and one of the last things he said to me was “promise to start the business.”

The food at Scandilicious is handmade with love, something Anita is very proud of. “Everything here is made from scratch, all the buns, sauces, baked goods – including the gluten options,” she says. The restaurant  also carry several vegan and gluten-free friendly options, including waffles and mix, so you can make your own Scandilicious inspired waffles at home. They’ve also teamed up with a local roaster to launch a new in-house coffee label, called Mjolnir.

“We’re always experimenting,” Anita says. “We have lefse in Norway, and it’s like a Mexican Burrito, a flatbread that is very thin and made with potatoes. Traditionally it’s served with sugar and butter, but what we have started doing was serving it as a savory dish called Viking Tacos. Another favourite we serve here is our Norwegian meat balls, and they are different from Swedish meatballs as they have a kick to them. They’re full of spices and we serve them on mashed potatoes with gravy and a Swedish berry sauce.”

When we ask Anita about the area, she says she loves seeing all the young families living in the ‘hood.  “It’s a young and up and coming community, and it’s such a busy corridor,” Anita says. “Everyone drives down here, many people with different professions. Lots of industrial businesses as well; you really have an eclectic mix, with different walks of life here. It’s also really laid back and the people are generally happy.“

Learn more about Scandilicious Waffles on their website, and stay social on Twitter  and Facebook!

Wheelhouse Seafoods

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Opened in 2001, Wheelhouse Seafoods and Specialty Meats is a fixture in the ‘hood for their reliable high quality fresh seafood, and organic/free run meat. Owned and operated by Catherine and Trevor, the married couple are probably best known for their friendly, warm smiles, and trustworthy, knowledgeable customer service.
Wheelhouse - Catherine and Trevor

Before opening the shop over a decade ago, Catherine worked closely in the restaurant industry. Trevor was employed in the seafood industry, within processing and distribution. “I went to college and did a small business program,” Trevor tells us. But it was his wife Catherine who had the brilliant idea to open a fish shop, an idea that at first Trevor says he wasn’t so sure about. “I eventually warmed up to it,” he says lightheartedly.

With a true neighbourhood feel, Wheelhouse Seafoods is pretty exemplary of the community spirit that thriving in our area. “We know everyone here,” says Trevor. “We will be walking down the street and people will stop us and ask what’s fresh in the shop.” It’s that kind of vibe that runs through the shop, and Trevor says it’s his loyal customers who really make up his job. “The vast majority of our customers are really really nice,” he says. “I enjoy talking with them, I like knowing their name, their kid’s name, watching their kids grow up. I like that feeling that old fashioned community feeling. Which is really disappearing in Vancouver as a whole - I hope we maintain it here.”

Planning a BBQ or summer picnic? Be sure to check out their delicious Prawn skewers, perfect for the summer, as well as fresh salmon and White Spring. Visit Wheelhouse Seafoods and Specialty Meats at 2605 East Hastings Street, and follow their Facebook page for the latest.

At The Waldorf

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Hotel at the Waldorf (formally The Waldorf Hotel) opened its doors in 1947, and has been long considered an iconic landmark in the city. After being purchased and renovated in 2010 by the Viaggio Hospitality Group, the newly refurbished tiki hotel and its venues have seen a resurgence in popularity, with its new lobby restaurant, Nona’s Table, also garnering positive feedback. Offering Italian inspired comfort food including authentic wood oven fired pizza, the restaurant uses only quality, local ingredients and serves hearty portions - definitely a worthy destination for your next lunch, dinner or weekend brunch!
At the waldorf - Nonnas

At The Waldorf  is a multi-venue complex connected to the hotel, consisting of Tiki Bar, Tabu and The Hideaway. These spaces have hosted hundreds of incredible concerts, parties, events, weddings and private performances, and continues to be a destination for East Van locals and tourists to kick back and unwind.

hideaway at the waldorf

We recently spoke with John Campbell, the company’s Marketing Director, who has been working in event planning and marketing around Vancouver for the last fifteen years. There are trivia events and live DJ’s almost every night of the week At The Waldorf, and John is genuinely excited that these reinvented spaces continue to be a hub of activity.

Visit or for more info, and don’t forget to stay social on Twitter and Instagram.

Tamam Restaurant

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Tamam has become a fixture in the East Village, serving authentic Palestinian cuisine made with heart and soul. Owners Tamam and Sobhi have had the restaurant for eight years now, and have received praise from local food reporters and bloggers alike. “I actually did not start cooking professionally until I came to Canada,” Tamam explains. “My father was a good cook. He cooked in a hotel in Jerusalem which is part of it. My way of cooking after travelling became really open minded. I added concepts and flavours from all different kinds of food, like Spanish food and Italian food. It all inspired me.”

When it comes to finding inspiration in his kitchen, Tamam says it’s not too hard to find - it’s everywhere. “I like to add a little bit extra to recipes. Sometimes it depends on what I have in front of me, like seasonal weather, what’s new in the market, or the weather.”

Tamam and Sobhi are examples of the the warmth and kindness in our district, and Tamam says that at the end of the day, that’s what it is really all about. “I love the community, the people,” Tamam says. “They make me feel at home. They support me and I feel like I have a lot of friends. The customers that come in, we have a nice relationship with them. They love our kids. It’s like we’re at home. I really love that about my job.”

Tamam and Sohbi

“I also love when people come and enjoy the food, and can feel like they are back in Palestine when they eat here,” he says. “ I love hearing that my food can take people somewhere else. That’s another thing I love about this neighbourhood, all the food and restaurants take you to other places in the world.”

Tamam offers a wide selection of gluten-free and vegetarian options. If you’ve never eaten Palestinian food before - what are you waiting for?

Tamam is located at 2616 East Hastings Street, and is open Tuesday - Thursday from 5:30 -9:00 pm; Friday - Sunday from 5:30 - 10 pm, and closed on Mondays.

Check out their website for more info.

Sunrise Summer Kickoff

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As our annual Sunrise Summer Kickoff event is now complete we would like to thank the community and all of our sponsors for their fantastic effort and support. This event would not be possible without the help of all our volunteers, sponsors, and business members. The event had an attendance of approximately 2500, and we would like to formally thank everyone for joining us in kicking off the summer. We hope to see you all again next year!

SSK crowd 2

Love Jules Leather

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Josh and Jules are the dynamic duo behind Love Jules Leather, a custom made-for-order label that has developed a highly niche, loyal clientele since its inception in 2009. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign (they reached their goal in less than 24 hours), the brand has become coveted by fashionistas around the globe. We recently caught up with Josh, one half of the brand, to pick his brain on how the company got its start, and where they see themselves going from here.

How did the business get started?

Technically in the Spring 2009. Jules started full time and quit her day job. I started a year later, after the Olympics and that’s when we started full time together. We started in Whistler then moved to the Chinatown location two years ago, and were there for a year. Then moved into here last year. It started out with leather accessories at first, like wallets and key chains. Jules was at art school in Halifax on the East Coast. In her last year at school she worked with a leathersmith to help pay her rent and she really enjoyed getting to work with her hands. Once she graduated she returned to Whistler (where she is originally from), and started combining her passion of drawing and leather crafting as a hobby. She started making belts and other items, it was more art than craft at that point but it evolved from there. We didn’t start doing shoes until three and a half years ago.  More and more people started to appreciate the shoemaking which gave us the opportunity to learn how to really make shoes. Jules is completely self taught and we just have evolved over time.

jules - love jules leather
How did you come into the picture?
My background is more of the business side. I am a chartered accountant, I went to business school and articled. I’m from Ontario originally. I worked in Downtown Toronto, but I wanted a change of scenery so I packed up my car and moved out west to a ski town that is Whistler, which is where I met Jules.

What do you love about being in this location?

We love the juxtaposition between the residential east van and the commercial side where we feel like we fit right in because we’re playing both sides of the fence right now. I just like the neighbourhood and the creative community we’ve surrounded ourselves with. It’s an inspiring place to be. I feel like we were accepted since day one. And for this building in particular, we have been able to build up this location from the ground up. There are so many people from businesses around here that have lent a helping hand.

What do you love about your job?

We both left previous jobs for this lifestyle. It’s pretty intense and full on, but just the fact that we can be creative day in and day out and that we get to work together. It is a constant growth and learning experience.  We feel like we’ve grown a lot over the past couple of years. Endless opportunity to grow as people and as business owners.

josh and jules - Love jules leather

Tell us about your social media success.

It just kinda happened. When we first started Facebook was a new thing and insty didn’t exist. We first started selling through Etsy, but we have just been riding the wave since then. At the beginning we were based out of whistler off the beaten path in Alpine Meadows based out of garage. There was no foot traffic. We had to cast the net wider, to get our clientele. But at a point we were the featured artist on etsy years go, which opened up pockets of clientele in LA, San Fran, New York, London and Paris. Those are the ones that wanted something a little different than everyone else, so we just started shipping product everywhere. Whereas people in whistler had no idea what we did, they just would see us walking on the hill and escape to our garage. Social media really enabled us to do what we do. We also have some successful friends that have a large following on social media promote us through their channels, which helped us grow.

Any new products to share?
Baby shoes are the new thing. Long story short, the custom shoes that we do are all made by hand and are very custom and personal and time intensive. We had to come up with something a little more production friendly and to scale. They are like a version of our high top boat shoes. We can continue to grow with this, whereas we are still trying to figure out how to make our customizable shoes grow.

For more info, visit the Love Jules Leather website, and stay social on Instagram and Twitter.