Community Corner: The Pandora Park Fall Fair

Posted on: August 28th, 2015 by The East Village


Save the date! The Pandora Park Fall Fair returns on Sunday, September 20th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. This western-themed community event is rain or shine, and is brought to you by the Hastings North Community Partners Group the same wonderful folks who help plan much-loved neighbourhood events like the LightWaterDrums Lantern Festival in Hastings Park, the monthly “Meaningful Movie” documentary showings and the Community Small Grants Project.

pandora park sac races
Come by with the kids for a fun afternoon and enjoy a country fair in the city, filled with fun for all ages. There will be arts and crafts, live music, dance, games and activities, a BBQ, and more! RSVP on our Facebook event page, and feel free to invite your friends and family, too. We’ll see you there!


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Have you ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus?

CircusWest is our city’s leading performance arts society for all ages - offering children, teens and adults alike an opportunity to learn valuable skills in Circus Arts in a positive, encouraging, and non-competitive environment.

“CircusWest’s programs encourage respect for oneself and others and provide an environment to learn responsible risk-taking,” their website explains. “As a collaborative community in which everyone can develop skills, find their artistic voice, and realize their potential, CircusWest is a creative space where individuals can dream big, push limits, and defy gravity – all while having fun.”


Beginning as Vancouver Children’s Circus Society, CircusWest has grown significantly since its beginnings in 1984. Inspired by circus performances at Vancouver Children’s Festival, a small, non-profit circus school was begun in a south Vancouver gym. Outgrowing that space, a new site was needed and in 2003, CircusWest moved to its current home in the PNE Garden Auditorium, at Hastings Park. Renamed CircusWest Performing Arts Society in 2008 to reflect a much wider and more comprehensive organizational mandate, CircusWest is a registered charity, governed by a volunteer board of directors and supported by over 400 community members.

The not-for-profit registered charity is likely best known for its youth training and performance program, CirKids. “Over the years, CircusWest has developed additional programming to meet the needs of the community, becoming a centre for recreational adult circus as well.”
CIRUSWEST2CircusWest also offers outreach to local schools and communities in need, as well as corporate circus workshops, bringing laughter and teamwork to the working world. “Through a wide variety of classes and circus experiences – and performances, too, everyone is able to partake in the fun and feats of circus.”

To learn more about CircusWest, visit their website, and don’t forget to stay social on Twitter and Facebook .

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The Princeton Pub & Grill

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Dubbed as a friendly place to eat, drink, and listen to live music in the ‘hood, The Princeton Pub & Grill is located inside of the Princeton Hotel, which has roots dating back to 1912. It was designed by a man named J H Bowman, and built for a mere $17,000.

princeton pub

They do live entertainment nightly at The Princeton, with karaoke on Thursday and Sunday, Trivia on Wednesday, an “End of the Line Jam” every Tuesday, and live entertainment artists on Friday and Saturday. There’s also a Meat Draw every Friday and Saturday night.

Feeling hungry? The restaurant now does breakfast 7:30am-2:00pm with daily specials. Choose from staples like steak and eggs, two eggs any style, or a the hearty Princeton Omelette, a 3 egger made with diced ham, mixed cheeses, bell peppers and green onions, served with hash browns and toast. There’s also plenty of great veggie options available, too.

Visit The Princeton Pub & Grill’s website for more information about this Vancouver icon, and to check out their menu and event calendar.

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LinxPrint is a full-service print shop located at 1930 Powell Street. The company has had roots in the area since 2007, creating everything from children’s books, restaurant menus, to screen printed tablecloths and sophisticated fabric booth systems for local trade shows and events.

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Mona is the Operations Manager at LinxPrint, and tells us she really appreciates the sense of community in the ‘hood. “I have never worked in an area where it feels like everyone supports one another,“ she tells us. “I really like the character and the sense of community here.”

Coming from a background in newspaper design, Mona works with a supportive, tight-knight team of five other employees at LinxPrint, with many small businesses in the area calling on their services. “I really like working with small businesses to help create design solutions for them,” Mona says.

“My colleagues are awesome, it makes for a fun work day working with these people,” says Juliette, who has been working as a customer service representative at LinxPrint for the last year or so. “The clients that we serve are also really great people themselves. It is also the first job where I have a one on one customer client relationship.”

“Yeah that’s the cool thing about this job,” says Courtney, who works alongside Juliette. “You get to know your clients a lot better than in a normal customer retail job, but we create a rapport with our clients and it’s a totally fun aspect.”

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Community is an important aspect of LinxPrint’s culture, and the company walks the talk when it comes to helping out local charities. Among their contributions is VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), Make a Wish Foundation, Hastings Community Policing Centre, and many others. When it comes to lunching, the staff also keep things local - citing JJ Bean amongst their nearby faves. “There are a lot of nice parks in the area where we go to eat lunch,“ Juliette says.

If you’re looking for professional and friendly service in the area to lend a hand with your next print project, visit the awesome team at LinxPrint website for more information, and stay social on Twitter and Facebook.  

Callister Brewing

Posted on: August 14th, 2015 by The East Village


There’s a brand new brewery in the area, and it’s unlike any other you’ve seen before. Callister Brewing, run by partners Chris and Diana, opened just last month - and they’ve already got craft beer fans a-buzz over the unique nano-collective space. The collaborative effort is the first of its kind in Vancouver, and is offering up a fresh new take on entrepreneurship today.
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We sat down with owners Chris and Diana to chat about the beautiful new space. This is their first business together, and Chris, who comes from a background in web and software development, says the idea blossomed from what just started as a fun hobby into a full-fledged business plan. “We just had the interest of home brewing as a hobby,” he tells us. “We also got involved with Van Brewers, which is one of the largest home brewing clubs in Vancouver. Graeme from parallel 49 was the president of the time, as well as many other home brewers. We knew that we wanted to tap into this amazing creative pool of people.” That led Chris and Diana to the idea of having a communal space “where we can bring in other people’s work and have a space that everyone can use.”

“We didn’t know exactly how to go about this process though,” Chris continues. “We just had an idea and crafted it from there. Since no one else had ever heard of this before, the government didn’t know what to do with us or what to tell us. We basically call ourselves a collaborative brewing space, or brewing incubator. – Kind of like a tech incubator but for beer.”

The tasting room currently currently has two feature brewers, including Copper and Theory, and Brewery Creek, a liquor store on Main Street, hoping to open a brewery in the future. “They provided us Chester Kary, who is their portfolio manager,” Chris says. “He also teaches at the Culinary Institute. He’s great to have on hand.”

When we ask what they love about what they do, Diana says it’s seeing the ideas shape to fruition that have been most satisfying. “ I think it’s the creative process,” she says. “We have been able to shape this into exactly what we want. And what was missing from other tasting rooms. Also the diversity of what we can offer, having four different brewers all specializing in their different areas - I think also provides a quality of brewing that you don’t always see.”

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“Part of this idea was that both of us were feeling a bit stagnant in our careers, and I have been entrepreneurial for almost 20 years,” Chris says. “I was getting tired of fixing things that were intangible, as it was the internet. To create something again where we have absolute control over the product, it’s a real thing - you are dealing with the customers on the very immediate basis. Craft beer patrons are very well educated about their beer, so there is not any real customer horror stories that you have to deal with. Most people come in here and they love the space, they love the beer and everyone is happy. It’s a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

Callister has nine different beers on tap and also features two different homemade sodas, making the shop a family-friendly destination. Visit Callister Brewing’s website for more information and shop hours, and stay in the social loop by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Windsor Meats

Posted on: August 11th, 2015 by The East Village


Approaching its two year anniversary this September, Windsor Meats Co. is a neighbourhood butcher shop located at 2276 East Hastings Street. They specialize in free range, organic and hormone free meats of the finest quality, with a wide variety of gourmet sauces, vinegars and syrups also available. With locations established around the lower mainland since 1946, the friendly butcher brand has become synonymous with premium, top of the line cuts and harder to find buys, from fresh elk, venison, and bison. “We can pretty much get anything,” David tells us, who has been working as butcher with the company for six years now, and has been at the Hastings shop since day one. “We get yach from merit, wild boar, and ostrich from Alberta.” Basically, if you can’t find it at Windsor, good luck finding it all.

Starting out as a butcher in the grocery industry, David has been crafting his skills for well over a decade. But after years of corporate operations, he says it was the lack of creativity that ultimately led to his search for a change. “I was a manager for Thrifty Foods, it was corporate and (there was) not much creativity was involved with that job,” David says. “I was looking for a change, and a small meat shop was growing and I came in and changed a whole bunch of stuff, selling a bunch of new products, and sourcing from local farms, and it grew from there. I have learned a lot from just working for the company. I have creative control of what we do - and that concept is great. It’s the best part of (being with) the company, to be creative and learn.”

Windsor Meats

When we ask David if he has a few barbecuing know-how to share with us, he says there’s a few basics to success. “Just don’t overcook the meat,” David says. “Leaner cuts I would go rarer or blue-rare. I always bring it up to room temperature first, before putting it on the grill. If you’re cooking blue-rare or medium-rare, bring it to room temperature then fire it on the hottest grill you can possibly get. Get that sear on both sides, then let it rest and go to town.” When we ask if David has a fave to cook on the grill, he says Hanger or skirt steak are his top picks. “They have really nice flavour and texture; Different than a rib eye. I find it a lot more flavourful than many original cuts.”

Check out Windsor Meat Co. if you’re looking to spice up your average barbecue night, or any night of the week you might be looking for something a little extra special for dinner. Visit their website for more info, and don’t forget to stay social on Twitter for the latest.