East Village

Garbage Pick Up

For Illegal Dumping on Private Property

The purpose of this pilot program is to help business and property owners cleanup and properly dispose of debris and hazardous waste. The program is intended for larger volumes of debris like furniture, large electronics, household garbage in excess of two large bags and for hazardous waste and needles.

The following will not be removed through the program unless they are in a large enough volume:

-Smaller one off pieces of furniture (chairs, small side tables, lamps etc.)
-Smaller one off electronics
-Monitors, small appliances etc.
-Small amounts of discarded needles (please call us at 604-215-2401 or the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre at 604-717-3584 for removal)

For debris on public property (sidewalks, road and lane) please contact 311. If you are unsure whether debris is located on public or private property please contact the HNBIA office, ideally with photos.

For debris on a neighbouring private property, contact would have to be made with the appropriate owner by HNBIA staff before a clean up request can be processed.

Graffiti Removal Program

With Graffiti Be Gone & Hastings sunrise community policing centre

We partner with Graffiti Be Gone as well as the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Centre to tackle graffiti in the area.

We are very grateful for the volunteers at the HSCPC tackling the graffiti on Hastings Street as well as the workers from Graffiti Be Gone taking on the graffiti in the light industrial area.

Need to report some graffiti on your building? Drop us a line or send us an email!

T: 604-215-2401 E:

Did the City of Vancouver send you a warning for graffiti? Send that to us as well and we can take care of it for you.

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HSCPC Graffiti Removal

Mission Possible

Clean Team & Landscaping

The East Village is a vibrant and beautiful community that sometimes needs a bit of help with safety and cleanliness. We partner with Mission Possible Enterprises to help to provide employment to those who are vulnerable and or experiencing poverty. In turn they keep our area beautiful and clean!

If you see them in the area, say hello and thank you for their service!

Mural Program

We partner with the City of Vancouver to create beautiful murals in our neighbourhood. With the collaboration between property owners, business owners, and local artists we are able to give our area a unique feel through large scale art pieces. Many of our murals have an Indigenous focus and are done by the Nomadic Alternatives and KC Hall.

Click through our slideshow below to see all the murals we have worked on over the years!

Dayton Boots Mural By: Blake Wydeman & Dylan Humphreys
Quest Food Exchange Mural By: Nomadic Alternatives
Everything is Sacred Mural By: Nomadic Alternatives
Forgotten Tongue Mural By: Nomadic Alternatives
The Great Fire By: Nomadic Alternatives
New Brighton Postcard By: Nomadic Alternatives
Vancouver Tap Dance Mural By: KC Hall
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Sunrise Safety Team

Business Safety Team works to develop relationships with community members – especially in the business district — with the aim of deterring crime and increasing public safety.

The two-person team patrols the area 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. They look for signs of potential crime or disorder and visit businesses to discuss safety concerns. Patrollers report to the Hastings Sunrise Community Policing Center and our NPO, to identify crime trends.

The program is operated in partnership with the Hastings North Business Improvement Association (HNBIA).


  • educate businesses about crime prevention and business safety
  • facilitate the exchange of information among the CoV, HSCPC, HNBIA and the business community
  • promote HSCPC and HNBIA programs, activities and other resources among residents, businesses and visitors
  • help un-housed and other disadvantaged members of our community to access support and services