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12 Days of Local Shopping Ideas: Coffee

Ho, ho, ho! ’Tis that time of year again! Every day for the next 5 days we’ll be sharing local shopping gift ideas for your loved ones, and best of all — you can buy them all right here in the village. Day 8 is for the coffee freak in your life (we say that with love, of course). 


Pallet Coffee Roasters

Pallet Coffee has more than just coffee on offer — the cafe has a great gift selection to choose from. Pallet T-shirts are only $20!

Address: 323 Semlin Drive

Price:  $$

Instagram: @PalletCoffee


Laughing Bean Coffee

For over thirteen years, The Laughing Bean (or ‘The Bean,’ as our regulars often call it) has kept Vancouver fully caffeinated, providing damn good coffee to the East Village Community and beyond. Since opening in 2003, they’ve become a fixture in the ‘hood, giving coffee lovers an unforgettably offbeat cafe experience. As a member of LOCO, the cafe prides themselves on strengthening the community by sourcing the majority of their products from local suppliers and businesses. From friendly baristas, cozy atmosphere, to the deliciously roasted coffees and fresh baked goods and beyond — The Bean will be your happy place, if it isn’t already!

Address: 2695 East Hastings Street

Price:  $$

Instagram: @LaughingBeanCoffee

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Aer Cafe

Find limited supply coffee supplies from Hario, Japan and adorable cups sourced from Osaka. They’ve also got little handmade crotchet pieces for sale, too!

Address: 2263 East Hastings Street

Price:  $

Instagram: @AerCafe

Image – JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

JJ Bean Coffee

What to get the coffee lover for the Christmas is a nice pound of beans!  JJ Bean’s Christmas Reserve is just the ticket, with taste qualities of mulled wine and orange peel, this is a perfect name for this brew.

Address:  1904 Powell Street

Price:  $

Instagram: @JJBeanCoffee

Image via The Pie Shoppe

Panoramic Coffee Roasters

In case you didn’t know, The Pie Shoppe sisters also own Panoramic Roasting Company. They roast high quality single origin beans in small batches. Sourcing the finest in season organic and fairly traded beans from around the world, they research and collect beans from small plot farmers with ethical and sustainable practices.  The ladies are constantly working at their craft to roast and prepare the greatest cup of coffee for you. At the Pie Shoppe, they serve a curated menu to accompany the pie with a pour over method and a few espresso based drinks.

Address:  1875 Powell Street

Price:  $

Instagram: @ThePieShoppe

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The Gourmet Warehouse

If you’re looking for a french press, espresso cups, or even a slow drip clod brew coffee maker — you should be able to find something unique in this store.

Address: 1340 East Hastings Street

Price:  $$

Instagram: @GourmetWarehouse

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