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22nd Annual Hopscotch Festival is back in an entirely new way!!!

With immense changes being implemented, Canada’s largest celebration of libations, including Scotch and other Whiskies, Craft and Premium Beer, Craft and Premium Spirits, Wine and Food has been given a facelift. It took 22 years but Hopscotch is no longer a “corporate-style” public trade show but rather an experience for the “in” that won’t soon be forgotten.
Some of the new changes are: MORE BOOTHS/MORE PRODUCTS Last year there was about 80 booths while this year there is over 130! Last year there was less than 300 products and this year there will be over 400! More selection, more great beer, more whisky, more spirits and so many more other additions. LOWER TICKET PRICES Ticket prices have been reduced! The idea for 2017 was to make Hopscotch the BEST night out for a affordable price. (Please note that tickets are sold on a sliding scale. As supply decreased, the prices increase. You’re better off to purchase sooner than later!) CATEGORIZED SECTIONS Unlike any years prior, Hopscotch will have categorized sections. The BC Craft Pavilion, Beers From Around The World, Whisky Corner, The Rose Garden (wine), Spirits Of The Globe and The Craft Cocktail showcase are some of the different areas within the hall this year. If you want beer, the beer will be in the beer section. Same with the whisky! Each area will be “vibed” differently to really accent the theme of the respective product being showcased. WHISKY CORNER After receiving feedback from our guests that they would love all of the exhibited whisky in one area, we have created Whisky Corner; an event within an event. Over 120 whiskies will be displayed within this new showcase at Hopscotch. From Single Malt Scotch, to Blends, from Irish to Japanese, from Bourbons to Ryes and everything else – it will all be at Hopscotch this year. LOCAL: BC CRAFT BEER PAVILION PRESENTED BY THE BC CRAFT BREWERS GUILD New for the very first time in Hopscotch Festival history, we will showcase all of the amazing BC Craft beers in the same pavilion. Sponsored by the BC Craft Brewers Guild, LOCAL will be a showcase of the many amazing breweries producing delicious craft beer in BC. This will offer an opportunity for guests to really see (AND TASTE) the magic that is BC Craft. LOCAL: BC CRAFT SPIRITS Just like the note above, there will also be a separate section specifically showcasing the amazing craft and small batch spirits being produced in BC. CRAFT COCKTAIL SHOWCASE Presented By Hendrick’s Gin and Monkey Shoulder Whisky, the Craft Cocktail Showcase will not only offer different specialty cocktails created in partnership with some of the best mixologists from within Vancouver, but as well, will showcase the “Hendrick’s Cocktail Configurator”, a life size cocktail art piece that creates the perfect Negroni as well as Monkey Shoulder’s “Hello Monkey Trolley” which will mix the concept of a great cocktail with vibes of iconic 80s and 90s Hip Hop. RESTAURANT ROW Likely our biggest piece of feedback every year is more food. Well we heard you. This year we are bringing in celebrity chefs and premium restaurants from around the city including The Pawn Shop, Steel Toad, La Pentola, Dixie’s BBQ, BKH Ribs and others. This will be a food showcase unlike any year prior. THE WINE GARDEN We have brought in a select amount of wineries to showcase some delicious wine, both international and domestic. The idea behind this was that pretty much everybody likes wine and although this isn’t a wine show, there are people there that may want to enjoy some vino over dinner, or others who are attending to be with friends who may not drink beer or spirits, now there is something for them too! We just launched a smaller version in Kelowna and it was a hit! MUSIC LOUNGE There will be live music all night! NEW AESTHETICS We just finished our new concept at Hopscotch Kelowna and the positive feedback was immense. New softer lighting, large light globes, signage at every booth, tall drape to hide some of the “aesethically challenged” areas of the venue – Hopscotch will look completely different this year. The PNE Forum will be completely transformed with custom lighting, signage, special drapes – when you walk into The Forum, you won’t even recognize it! DIGITAL PLATFORM: THE APP Instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper with our connoisseur booklet, the show now uses a digital platform via the Hopscotch App. Visit to download our new app! PURCHASE TICKETS: 2016 Hopscotch Video Press Release via Camber Communications SaveSave

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