3P Naturals have been producing quality raw pet food in Vancouver since 1998. The company has occupied their warehouse and office space at 1924 Franklin Street since 2003, where they manufacture, pack and ship human-grade raw meat to over 100 pet food retailers across British Columbia and Alberta. Any pet owner who feeds their furry friend a raw diet, or is looking into it – is likely aware of 3P Naturals stellar reputation. Owners Debbie and Paul Benson, and the whole staff at 3P are committed to producing products which incorporate the finest ingredients that “meet or exceed” their strict quality standards and production control procedures – and in an industry fraught with quality control issues, 3P Naturals has arguably become a leader in quality and consistency. 3p Naturals We recently caught up with Bryon Funnel, CEO and Regional Manager of 3P Naturals, where he shared with us why he loves what he does each day. “I really enjoy the fact that this business provides a very healthy food for our best friends,” Bryon says. “Certainly much better than some of the products that are available in the dried or canned form, because ours isn’t processed through heat or anything like that. Our product is completely human grade, with absolutely no filler or by-products.” Bryon tells us he appreciated that the East Village area is very diversified with businesses and residential. “It has a good mix of people from all different social and cultural backgrounds, which is important.” 3P Naturals also have a Pet Nutritionist named Sarah Griffiths on staff, and she is available to answer any questions customers may have. Sarah can help with anything from recommendations and diet planning, and is available free of charge on the 3P website. You’ll also find a ton of other valuable info, including everything you need to know about a raw pet food diet, and how you can make the switch. Learn more at 3pnaturals.com

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