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Business Feature: Antique Market

A staple in the East Village neighborhood for nearly 35 years, Antique Market located in the warehouse district at 1324 Franklin Street, is worth checking out whether you need a new antique piece or not. It’s as impressive as ever to simply peruse, explore, and discuss pieces with the staff, as it is to shop, purchase, and add to your collection. Pieces from India, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Korea, Indonesia, England, and Belgium fill their 20,000 sq. foot warehouse space, with pieces that reflect the timelessness, textures, and unique vibes of each country.

“Think of us as a 21st Century Antique Market, no matter what your taste or style. We have seen trends come and go, and then come back into style again.  We have carried Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mission, Victorian, Edwardian, Gothic, Regency, Modern and now Chinese and Indian Antiques, Industrial, Live Edge, and Steam Punk furniture.”

However, not everything at Antique Market is antique, and there is soooo much of everything to suit your eclectic tastes. From Chairs, Tables, Desks, Cabinets, Dressers, Chests, to Bookcases, and Wardrobes Antique Market has something for every room of your home, whatever your style, or budget.

Words: Paul C. Panko (EVBIA)
Photos: Michal Urbanek

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