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Artist Feature: Jody Wasserman

Mural Artist (Kamloops St./Hastings St. Neighbourhood Plaza)
Instagram: @designbyjody

EVBIA: Would you be able to tell me what your mural means to you, what was your inspiration?
JW: “This is my largest mural to date, and located at a bustling public space. Because of these factors, I designed the mural to reflect positivity, community, diversity, and vibrancy. Inspired by nature’s uniqueness, this concept is playful and dream-like. The flowers portray the feeling of warmth and vitality, even during the rainy Vancouver days. Leaves are painted across the wall as if they are dancing in the wind. The flowing turquoise lines represent our journey’s and life paths, echoing the formation of mountain landscapes.”

EVBIA: What is your connection to the East Village neighbourhood in Vancouver, and your feelings on having your art now be a new part of it?
JW: “As an artist and designer, I am naturally drawn to areas and spaces that nurture my creative spirit. The East Village neighbourhood is unique and expressive, filled with independent businesses, eclectic galleries, and most importantly the warm and welcoming community. While I was painting my mural, I received an immense amount of love and support from people passing by. This is the fuel that helped propel me forward even during the most challenging moments. To leave my mark and help beautify the plaza is an absolute honour, and I am very grateful for the experience.”

EVBIA: What’s next for you? Do you see yourself making more murals in your future? Are you reachable for future commissions?
JW: “Absolutely! I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, currently open and accepting new clients. As for murals, my services will be available for summer 2024.”

You can Jody on instagram: @designbyjody

& check out her website: 


On behalf of everyone at the East Village BIA and the East Village Vancouver neighbourhood;

Thank you Jody!

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