The Hastings-Sunrise Community Policing Centre has many wonderful volunteers who are here to help with crime and safety concerns, clean up trash and take care of unwanted graffiti. Volunteers not only participate in programs and projects, but also play a significant role in the operation and leadership of the centre. DSCN2652 This week we have a Q&A with Al, a long-time volunteer at HSCPC, where we talk about his work with the community, and why he loves volunteering in our area. Q: How long have you been a volunteer with HSCPC?  A: I have been a volunteer for about 2 years. I started working for the Patrol Team, but then about a year ago I started leading the Thursday morning patrol team. Q: What do you like about volunteering here? A: The people are really positive. They actively mentor each other. Everyone is really committed to the community and it really makes it a positive work environment. Q: What do you like about volunteering in this area? A: I live and work in the neighbourhood, so I spend most of my time here. It’s really home. The community is really diverse, we have the traditional east van community, but new younger people are moving into the neighbourhood as well, which really gives it that interesting contrast. I think it makes the neighbourhood interesting and dynamic and it feels like a genuine community. Q: What’s your favourite place to eat in the ‘hood? A: Thailicious! To learn more about the HSCPC, and to find out information about volunteering, visit their website.

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