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Business Feature: Doe Coffee

From the moment you enter Doe Coffee (2263 East Hastings Street), the vibe is that of an understated comfort. The energy is cozy, and the smells familiar, like a warm hug from a familiar friend. The staff are friendly and welcoming, which makes it the perfect place to settle in and either get some work done while enjoying a coffee in the window seats, or just hangout and chat with friends at one of the back tables over a sandwich. The lighting hits that sweet spot for either, and the vibe just right.

But the real star of the show at Doe Coffee is the pastries; all entirely made-in-house, baked daily, and whether you choose to go with a sweet or a savoury option, your taste buds are in for a decadent, and delicious good time.

Article: Paul C. Panko (EVBIA)
Photos: Michal Urbanek

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