2023 Lunar New Year

January 27, 2023

11:00 am

The East Village, East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Happy Lunar New Year. We’re celebrating the year of the Rabbit!


Lettuce Is Lucky

The tradition stems from language. In Chinese and Cantonese, a word for leafy greens sounds much like a word for becoming wealthy. When the lion eats the lettuce and spits it back out at the business owners and audience, it symbolizes blessing them with wealth and prosperity in the new year.

A red envelope, also given to bring prosperity at Lunar New Year, is often hidden in the leafy greens to pay the dancers for their performance. The whole tradition is called 採青 cai qing, “picking the greens.”

What’s up?
Participating businesses hang a head of lettuce outside their store (lettuce and envelope provided by the BIA) and attach a red envelope with a $20 donation inside (provided by your business)

The lion dance will take place outside of your business and bless your business for the new year!

Interested? Let us know!



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