Johnny Taylor. StoryLines. Closing Party!

July 20, 2018

This Monkey's Gone To Heaven, East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

It’s your very last chance!
The final day/night of Johnny’s show is here. Come take one last look, have a glass of rose, see some brand new work, and for those who have purchased work you can pick up your piece (and your gift). xo

In addition, Johnny will be present in the gallery Thursday, July 19th 1pm – 7pm for those that would like to visit directly with him.

We are so thankful and overwhelmed by how well this first show at Betamax Gallery has gone and we look forward to sharing many more great times in the future.

Created by the most basic of gestures, the line has an infinite identity based on the adjustment of only a few characteristics – length, thickness, trajectory, depth. Yet other factors guide our reaction to viewing line. Is it precise? Is it broken? Was it violently inflicted versus delicately brushed? Is it scribbled? Is it stroked? Is there only one, or few? Are they random, receding, patterned? These decisions craft a dynamic story from a seemingly simple form.

Johnny Taylor is a contemporary abstract painter. His current work weaves nature into modern architecture, the compositions evoking aspects of traditional Asian painting. His foundation was shaped by early Canadian landscape painting, abstract expressionism, and blueprint drafting. Johnny’s accomplished use of line applied to various media, with a keen response to the influence of his surroundings, resulting in the sophisticated abstraction that informs his artistic process.

“My work is born of a mental concept, an intention, a memory. I use the act of painting to propel the work. The paint is applied by varying means and tools in response to the surfaces I am working with. Spontaneous marks and gestures define the image – and the work emerges as a fusion of idea and action.”

STORYLINES, the solo show of painter Johnny Taylor. The inaugural exhibit of Vancouver’s Betamax gallery in Hastings Sunrise features a range of work from Taylors collection. Highlighting his multiple techniques across a broad scope of medium.

BETAMAX GALLERY hopes to host an exciting roster of emerging and seasoned artists from across North America and beyond. Artists are encouraged to take risks, cross boundaries, ask questions and develop the culture of the Hastings-Sunrise Art Community.
Our Vision/Mission
For Artists
To develop & enhance creative partnerships & collaborations
To present work that is exploratory, challenging, critical and… fun
To maintain a standard of excellence
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To treat all artists in a fair and professional manner

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