Let’s Make Chaga Tincture @ Yama Cafe

November 2, 2019

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Yama Cafe, East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Learn about the anti-oxidant medicinal mushrooms, Chaga mushrooms that become white birch trees. Let’s help improve health and maintain health.

In the first half, we will share knowledge about the phantom mushroom chaga mushroom, how to drink it as tea, the effects that can be ingested with tincture, and how to drink effectively.

Tincture explains the process in an easy-to-understand manner in a demonstration format. In the

second half of the recipe distribution, we will share a recipe for Chaga mushrooms while eating a special dinner using a tonight’s only chaga mushroom by the Yama Cafe and the owner chef.

I decided to hold this workshop this time, tea tea mushrooms were introduced at Tea Lani for 4 years, mainly as tea, but the demand for tinctures increased. In addition to water-soluble ingredients, it is possible to incorporate the benefits that we need by soaking in alcohol.
It takes time and effort, but you can make it yourself. When all these things were considered, I thought that it would be more efficient to tell how to make it and make it by yourself. Therefore, I wanted to learn from those who need this opportunity.

Another reason is that Tea Lani has no time to make tinctures in the future. For this reason, instead of just quitting, I decided to quit by telling exactly how to make and drink. I’m not good at talking or teaching in public, but I’ll tell you all that I have for two hours for everyone who loves Chaga Mushrooms and who is interested in Chaga Mushrooms! !

If you are interested, please take this opportunity.

Small group (10 people each) * Japanese workshop
$ 80 / person (100g Chaga mushroom and recipe, with special dinner with chaga mushroom)

4:30 Acceptance
5:00 Start
7:00 End

* First workshop The And maybe the last workshop (laughs) I chose 1 day on weekdays and 1 day on weekends.

* Tincture $ 20 / 30ml, Chaga $ 20 / 100g, Chagachai $ 20 / 100g made by Tea Lani can be sold on that day.

☆ If you are a participant, please send a message to E-mail

tealani14@gmail.com with the schedule and statement of participation .

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