Monthly Comedy Competition

March 20, 2019

Hastings Racecourse & Casino

Fraser Valley Comedy proud to present a Comedy Contest at Hastings Racecourse & Casino hosted by Shane Clark! This is a one night contest with a $200 cash prize awarded to the winning comic, $50 cash prize to the second place comic and $25 cash prize for the third place comic. Comics are judged by audience applause (sound meter decibel reader is available for close calls). 12 comics will battle it out – there can be only one winner!


-All levels of comics.
-must do a 5 minute set, disqualified if going short on time
-3 brackets of 4 comics will each do a 5 minute comedy routine. -Winner of each bracket advances to final round, where 3 duel off for the cash prize. Comics that advance to the final round cannot use the same jokes from the prior set.
-No ballots or voting. Just audience applause.

Host Shane Clark

Bracket 1
Arash Narchi
Jake Spencer
Robert Martirosian
Steve McGowan

Bracket 2
Jirair Garabedian
Juno Mac
Michael Kent
Helen Schneiderman

Bracket 3
Taylor Morrey
Sahib Singh Rana
Jd Dudra-Saltel
Syd Bosel

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