Space For Joy Systemic Constellation Healing Circle

January 29, 2018

Another Space, East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Live joyfully, free of  unhealthy patterns in your life.

What would your life be like, if you could renew the flow of love in your relationships? How would life change if you discovered the deeper or underlying cause of repeated injuries or illness? What would be possible if  you could release a pattern of debt or financial difficulty?

Systemic constellation work is a way to access, understand and shift the energetic patterns passed down through families, that keep you repeating patterns that do not support you.

Do you have a yearning to experience a deep sense of connectedness and develop empathy?

Constellation work gives you an experience of walking in another’s shoes and supporting and being supported at a deep emotional, spiritual and physical level. Everyone who participates in a circle benefits. We see and learn something of ourselves in every constellation.

Systemic Constellation work, pioneered by Bert Hellinger, provides access to information in family history and a way to address the history that has created difficulties, so that the flow of energy and love is renewed, creating healthy relationship.

We will gather together in a healing circle where I will share some of the principles of constellation work and then welcome individuals to explore some difficulty or challenge in their life in light of the system they are part of. We will ask other participants to represent some members of the system and then allow the energy of the system represented  to shift and be restored to order through movements or phrases of the participants, guided by the facilitator. There is time for about three constellations in an evening circle, but all participating  will find they share in healing.

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