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Fill Your Mug

Lets face it, we all need something to help get our day started, whether it’s a regular sized dark roast, or a matcha cafe latte. Good thing for us, our neighbourhood has just what you need to fill your mug.

Fill Your Mug

West Coast Guitars/Marley Coffee Bar | Hastings-Sunrise | Tues – Sat 11a – 6p

Bet you didn’t know about this place! The Marley Coffee Bar features many unique instruments and autographed memorabilia. There’s a digital Wall of Fame with numerous celebrities, and rock stars including guitars, autographed by the likes of Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Dime Bag Darrell, Motley Crue, Bob Rock,  hang from the ceiling.  Shannon Toane has created a welcoming atmosphere where customers, friends and anyone from the community can relax and enjoy world famous organic, free trade Marley Coffee from Rohan Marley, Bob Marley’s son!

Fill Your Mug

Laughing Bean Coffee Co. | Hastings-Sunrise | Mon-Fri 6a – 7p; Sat 7a – 7p; Sun 8a – 7p

For over thirteen years, The Laughing Bean (or ‘The Bean,’ as the regulars know it,) has kept Vancouver fully caffeinated, providing damn good coffee to the our East Village Community and beyond. Since opening in 2003, they’ve become a fixture in the ‘hood, giving coffee lovers an unforgettably offbeat cafe experience.

Fill Your Mug

East Cafe / Hastings-Sunrise / Mon-Fri 7a – 7p; Sat 8a – 7p; Sun 8a – 5p

The East Cafe is located on the boarder of the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver and is a local favourite to many. Let the friendly staff assist you. Their premium coffees make for the perfect pick-me-up. DYK  that our old office use to be located at The East Cafe back in the day?!!


Platform 7 Coffee / Grandview-Woodland / Everyday 8a – 7p

Platform 7 transforms you to a Victorian London Train Station to experience beautiful hand-crafted espresso and coffee brew bar drinks. From a delectable selection from some of the finest locally-sourced artisan bakeries to their tailor-made sandwiches, the Platform 7 experience can take you on an exotic journey to taste exquisite coffees from around the world.



Pallet Coffee / Grandview-Woodland /Mon – Fri 730a – 3p; Sat/Sun 9a – 4p

Pallet Coffee Roasters, quality always comes first. They source in-season coffee beans from exceptional producers around the world to ensure every cup is perfect. Before they introduce a new coffee to the menu, it must pass multiple rigorous cupping and tasting sessions in order to qualify against Pallet stringent standards.


Yama Cafe / Grandview-Woodland / M-F 9a – 4p; S-Sun 11am – 4pm


JJ Bean Powell / Grandview-Woodland / Mon- Fri 6a – 6p; Sat/Sun 7a – 5p

This bustling little shop tucked away in our unique neighbourhood is also home to the Wholesale Department and Roastery. Some days you can watch them roasting the beans from your seat in the cafe. Check out all the vintage/antique collection of coffee paraphernalia and equipment while enjoying a drink from some of the friendliest staff around!

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