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This campaign encourages citizens and business owners to record their property in a manner that will help the police return the item to its rightful owner if recovered. Police recover thousands of items yearly that are auctioned off because the theft was never reported or the owners did not have a record of their property. Help the VPD change this by recording all of your property information.


Record your property on paper or on an electronic spreadsheet, supplying the following information:

  • Serial number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Any identifying or unique marks 

Save this information in multiple locations that is easily accessible.

Visit for more information.

For additional crime prevention information, including “No Cash on Premises” decals, Log It or Lose It brochures or decals, or height strips, contact your local community policing centre.

Info in this post was sourced via the Business Crime Prevention Tips Brochure by the Vancouver Police Department in partnership with Cadillac Fairview & Vancouver BIA Partnerships. For a hard copy of this please visit our local Hastings-Sunrise Community Policing Centre.


2000 bikes are stolen every year in Vancouver

When this many bikes are stolen in Vancouver every year, getting it back might sound unbelievable. The 529 Project supported by the Vancouver Police makes it a reality. 

The Hastings-Sunrise CPC joined the project back in 2015 and since then:

  • Every Saturday from 10 AM till 4 PM people can bring their bikes to the HSCPC office at 2620 East Hastings Street.
  • Receive a unique sticker called a shield and get your bicycle registered Within the VPD database.
  • Whenever the police find a bike with the shield, they can easily check if it was stolen or not and hand it over to the owner.

“Registration is superfast and will not take you longer than five minutes,” Shannon Seiler, program leader at the HSCPC, says. “What’s even more important, it is absolutely free, while bike stores charge customers for the shields,” she adds.

The number of bikes registered from 2015 thru 2017 at the HSCPC is:

  • 2015 – 117
  • 2016 – 795
  • 2017 – 101
Total = 1013 Bikes being returned to their owner and not being auctioned off!

Register your bicycle

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