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Business Feature: Mama’s Furniture & Vintage Store

Mama’s Furniture and Vintage Store (2208 E Hastings St,) is a joy to explore, filled from front to back with treasures large and small. Looking for a new lamp? Mama’s got you. A new table? Mama’s got you? How about an antique collectable? Yeah, Mama’s got you covered! It’s a novelty to visit Mama’s Furniture and Vintage Store, and such a treat to walk out with a new item to enrich your home, or show your friends. Gifts galore for you, or someone dear to you.

There’s a beauty in shopping for vintage items that can only be found with furniture and novelties that were previously loved. They come home with you already rich with history, infused with affection, and previously selected by like-minded friends in your community. These gems can only be found at stores like Mama’s, and having a store like Mama’s in our area is so soo special. We are lost if not connected to our history, and our history can be found in everything vintage found at stores like Mama’s

Article: Paul C. Panko (EVBIA)
Photos: Michal Urbanek

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