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Meet Devan McClelland of Shift Delivery

Meet Devan McClelland: The young North Vancouverite decided to join the worker co-op team at Shift Delivery two years ago. After finishing school, Devan went travelling and when he returned he had hoped to find work in a bike based business. Shift Delivery is a last mile delivery located in the East Village at 1441 Powell Street.

This sustainable delivery co-op uses cargo trikes and electric vehicles to deliver goods throughout Vancouver. You may have seen their trikes cruising around the neighbourhood delivering to local businesses and distributing local goods such as groceries, prepared meal kits, office supplies, catering, and dry-cleaning. I asked Devan what some misconceptions are about this type of sustainable delivery. He answered, “The biggest misconception is the amount of stuff we can carry in one trike. People don’t believe us when we tell them we can carry up to 500 pounds of goods!”

Instead of following a traditional business model, Shift Delivery runs as a co-op which essentially means there are no corporate hierarchies. “I work alongside a devoted team of people that I can call my business partners and friends,” explains Devan. The co-op is filled with passion and ambition as Devan says, “We aren’t here for a quick dollar, but instead to work towards a healthier, resilient world.”

Devan has been in the East Village since 2013 and loves to take a slow stroll along the Hastings strip. His favourite place in the neighbourhood is Yolks. When he isn’t cruising around on a trike, you can find him playing guitar and relaxing near the waterfront.

For more information about Shift Delivery, visit

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