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Meet the team at East Village Insurance!

Contact: (604) 251-1157

Meet Eva, Kelly, Anna, and Rob at East Village Insurance. Formerly C.G. Coyle and Associates, the company moved to its new location at 2601 E. Hastings two years ago. “There’s been an insurance agent here for 75 years,” said Anna. “Before C.G. Coyle, it was Barton Insurance.” Rob, the manager, enjoys helping people with their insurance needs. “People get very confused when dealing with insurance. It’s nice to get them on the right path.” Anna, who has worked for the company ten years, loves the community. “It’s very diverse. More relaxed. There’s a European feeling in this area, people enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.” Drop in to renew your auto insurance or find out about other insurance products East Village Insurance offers.

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