Roundel Cafe has been serving happy customers since the mid 1960’s. It was bought by its current owners some nine years ago, who renamed the business to its current moniker, and have continued to maintain it as a neighborhood favorite. “This is my neighbourhood. It is a very family oriented area,” says Dena, the owner of Roundel. “I know a lot of the customers  personally, (and) a lot of the people that come here are also friends – so they will run into each other in the restaurant. I enjoy the neighbourly feeling of this area.” Dena tells us for the first couple years after taking over, she relied mostly on word of mouth – something that is still very important today.  “We did some advertising, like Edible Vancouver,” she says, “but it’s predominantly word of mouth and now social media for the past year or so.” Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset “Originally we started this without a lot of experience in the restaurant industry,” Dena tells us. “I am a home  cook, so in the beginning I was in the kitchen and the front. We wrote the menu, so it was really an extension of our home food – simple food with good ingredients.” With a ton of loyal enthusiasts, Roundel has plenty of classic breakfast options, as well as vegetarian choices, too. “The benny’s are really popular here,” Dena says. “My favourite might be the tofu burger. It’s a good burger, and it’s made in house. It was important to us to have a really good vegetarian option.” With our city constantly developing and changing, Dena says she appreciates the slower-pace of The East Village, and its desire to keep the history ingrained in its roots. “There is a lot of history here. This building goes back many years, and It has always been a kitchen,” Dena says. “There is a lot of history for this neighbourhood. Hastings has changed several times over the years, but Roundel café has been here through it all.” With a staff of ten people, Dena says her team truly feels like a family. “We have really created a family here, just with the staff,” Dena says proudly. “Some of our employees have worked for us on and off for the past 7 years.” roundel cafe When we ask Dena about a few favorites in the area, she light up with enthusiasm. “I go to Tamam – love them, they are my favourite place in the neighbourhood,” she says. “I like Black Rook, East Café, and Tacofino too.” Roundel Cafe is open 9:00 am – 9:00 pm everyday at 2465 East Hastings. Stay social on Twitter  and Facebook for the latest.  

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