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Business Feature: Slow Hand Beer Co.

With the Vancouver sun finally out on a regular basis, there’s nothing better than cooling off with a nice cold beer on a beautiful warm day. Slow Hand Beer Company (1830 Powell Street) has you covered. With their wide assortment of tasty suds available, they’re where you need to be! Tasting Lounge open weekly Thursday to Saturday. See you there!

“Slow Hand Beer Co. is a lager-centric craft brewery, the only one we know of in Western Canada. That simply means that we dedicate more of our production to cold, bottom-fermenting lager styles than most other breweries, we are among less than 40 craft breweries among 11,500 craft breweries in North America, to do this. This makes us modern-day lager experts of sorts.”

-Kurtis Sheldan (co-founder, Slow Hand Beer Company

“We’re constantly poring over our recipes, always looking to source the best ingredients from at home and abroad, and honing our process, all with the goal of crafting the cleanest, best-balanced, and most importantly delicious crisp beers that we can.”

-Kurtis Sheldan (co-founder, Slow Hand Beer Company)

Article:Paul C. Panko (EVBIA)
Photos: Michal Urbanek

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