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Business Feature: STAGING PROP SHOP

Entering the Staging Prop Shop might feel like home with its soft couches filled to the brim with cushions and blankets encompassing the whole store or glass tables covered in all sorts of trinkets and small gadgets. Located at 2629 East Hastings Street, this shop is an eye candy to anyone searching for unique furniture to spice up their home. For over 25 years, Winfield Yan, owner of Staging Prop Shop, has been collecting props and furniture through working with various clients in staging homes, so there is always something for someone. With great care taken into preserving the originality of each item, Winfield Yan treats each item as if it were his own.
Winfield Yan enjoys his time with his customers, always willing to kickstart a new conversation with visitors. When he sees their pleasing faces it enlightens him to put in his best effort in serving his store and the community.

“Seeing as I’ve lived here for 40 years, I’ve seen the area grow, alongside all kinds of customers entering, from young to old. I enjoy meeting different kinds of people in the neighbourhood, mostly people who travel and drop by. I simply enjoy meeting new friends and customers.”

– Winfield Yan (Owner, Staging Prop Shop)

With a website and Instagram (@stagingpropshopyvr) recently published through Digitize EV, if you’re looking for something specific or anything in general, check out this intriguing furniture shop in the area or take a look at their new socials!

Article: Ashley Cai/Ian Wong
Photos: Ian Wong

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