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Business Feature: The Learnary

There’s something very special about a place that encourages you to level up through exploring your healthy curiosities, utilizing a local learning space for creative spirits to thrive. The Learnary (2643 E Hastings St.) is an incredible resource for all ages to celebrate arts, crafts, books, and puzzles. Go check them out!

The Learnary just launched a new “Treasures and Curiosities” section in the shop! This is where creatives of all ages can explore quirky and unusual items and fill a bag of goodies for just $4 or $10.

Soon to be offering workshops with fun projects to incorporate these Treasures and Curiosities. Stay tuned to their social media.

“The Learnary is a joyful place that celebrates curiosity and learning for all folks. Our staff are artists, makers and educators, who love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who walks in the door.”

-Surya Govender

“As a non-profit social enterprise, we are so much more than a shop. Along side workshops and events, we always have something fun and free to do around our Curiosity Table and folks are invited to stop by for a little creative time, to have a chat about math concepts, or to simply ask a question about your newest hobby!
We believe that curiosity will save the world.”

-Surya Govender

Article/Words: Paul C. Panko (EVBIA)
Photos: Michal Urbanek

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