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Volunteer Week in The East Village: Meet Anne

You may recognize this familiar face from Shane Simpson’s office, but outside of the office, Anne continues to be a valuable and integral part of The East Village community as an employee, resident, and volunteer.

Anne has volunteered at VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) for one year and is one of the many Cat Care volunteers. Taking in more than 1,400 cats a year, Anne’s Cat Care position is vital with helping the felines during their transition from shelter to foster to eventually forever home. The Cat Care volunteers are responsible for feeding the cats, cleaning their kennels, socializing the cats with people, and assisting the medical team at VOKRA.

Adopting a cat from VOKRA herself in 2014, Anne immediately loved the organization and decided to volunteer. “As a renter, it’s nice to interact with so many cats since I am only allowed one pet in my unit,” Anne explains. Many volunteers at VOKRA volunteer to fulfill their need of having animals in their lives given such tight restrictions regarding the permittance of pets in rentals.

“My favourite part about volunteering at VOKRA is seeing how cats change and progress. Some cats come in who are very scared and have negative experiences from their last home, but it’s really sweet to see them get more comfortable,” she details the rewarding experience. Anne encourages those who share a similar love for animals to volunteer as well. She adds, “if you love animals but don’t necessarily love the hands-on component, VOKRA has several volunteer positions that are not just cat care. There is administration that allows you to work from home and set your own hours, there is the interviewer position that deals with potential fosters and volunteers, there are plenty of options.”


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When asked about how often she frequents the neighbourhood, Anne laughs as says, “I spend 90% of my time here, especially the 2400 block! All that is missing is a little garden or housewares shop, and I don’t think I would ever need to leave the neighbourhood.” Anne loves the area for it’s walkability and the vibrant community too, “I can hardly walk down the street without running into someone I know. I love how close knit the community is.”


Interested in becoming a volunteer? Check here for more details:

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) is a volunteer-driven non-profit dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland. VOKRA has a no-kill policy and does not operate a traditional shelter. Instead, they have more than 350 individual foster homes throughout the Lower Mainland. In this way they are able to protect the very young from colds, distemper, parasites and other transmissible illnesses. In a home environment, our cats are safe and well socialized, with lots of love and attention.

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